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Help Us Spotlight Housing Needs for Autism – Deadline October 21


Children with autism become adults with autism, and we need to make sure that these adults have access to a safe, comfortable and dignified living environment – even after they outlive their parents. The Government of Canada is currently developing a National Housing Strategy, and this is our chance to help set the agenda for housing for adults with autism and other disabilities. The more people who tell the government this is important, the more chance we have of being heard. With 1 in 68 children now being diagnosed with autism, we need the government to know that this is a huge problem that won’t be going away anytime soon.

To make your voice heard, you can fill out a short online survey here. Or make an even bigger impact by writing a letter or submitting your own ideas online. To see all the ways you can get involved, visit letstalkhousing.ca. The deadline for submissions is this Friday, October 21, 2016.

Consultation Sessions Being Held on Disability Legislation


Good afternoon CASDA Members,

As you are likely aware, the Federal government has committed to developing new planned accessibility legislation to “promote equality of opportunity and increase the inclusion and participation of Canadians who have disabilities”. In developing this new legislation, the Government of Canada is consulting Canadians both in person and online. The consultation process will run until February 2017, and includes a variety of mechanisms, including: online surveys, public consultations, a national youth forum, consultations led by the disability community, consultations led by First Nations communities, etc.

More information on the consultations can be found here:

CASDA is involved at the national level in a joint proposal, led by the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), to design and implement the consultations specific to the disability community (outside of the public consultations noted above). More updates on that piece will follow, pending government negotiations.

In order to support our members to participate in the Government-led “town hall” public consultations, we would like to share the following information:

These consultations are planned for every province and territory, beginning in September 2016 until February 2017 (full list of dates and locations below, exact locations listed on the website above under How to Participate). It is critical that our community participate in these public consultations (in addition to the disability-specific consultations to come), so that our voice is heard and accounted for in the development of this new legislation.

We know the in-person public consultations will ask participants the following three questions (shared for your preparation):

  • What are the main barriers to accessibility that Canadians with disabilities face?
  • What would it take to fix those barriers?
  • How can we change attitudes in Canada to better include and respect people with disabilities?

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Social Solvers Play Date Program

Organizing playdates can be stressful – especially when your child struggles with understanding social rules and norms. The Social Solvers Play Date Program is designed for children on the autism spectrum and their parents! By matching children based on their common interests and social challenges and providing parents with support and guidance when it comes to planning a successful play date, the Play Date Program provides a unique opportunity for parents to connect and for children to improve their social competence in a low-stress environment.

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Goals: ASA was started over 20 years ago with the goals of:
  • Improving the lives of children and adults with ASD;
  • Providing mutual support amongst families and individuals directly affected by ASD;
  • Creating safety and quality of life for people with ASD and their families in Alberta;
  • Creating a welcoming province that values the participation of people with ASD in all areas of life;
  • Recognizing the worth of every person with ASD and their contribution to society.

Who We Are: Autism Society Alberta (ASA) is a registered society in Alberta and a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency. It is a network and collaboration amongst autism groups comprising parents of children and adults with ASD, family members, individuals with ASD, and caring community citizens. We also have a representative on the Board of Autism Society Canada to collaborate on national issues. Presently four groups are members of Autism Society Alberta:

Accomplishments: ASA has had representatives on provincial Advisory Boards to different Government Ministries. ASA has sponsored Autism Awareness presentations in some communities during October, Canada’s Autism Awareness Month. ASA has contributed to the development of resource materials for families, such as handouts on community resources and books on issues affecting those with ASD .

Who to Contact: Contact the ASA group closest to where you live or where you are planning to live, for information, resources, and support in Alberta. For example, if you live in Northern Alberta, contact ASEA; Southern Alberta – contact CAS, etc. Please refer to "Regional Chapters" on the left hand side.

For information and assistance with your local support group, or to join ASA please feel free to contact us at 1-877-777-7192
or email president@autismalberta.ca